Thursday, September 24, 2015

Guiding Light

Headlights show us the way
When it’s too dark to see
You are the bright light
Guides me through sin’s fog

Mold me, use me
All in Your name
You deserve the fame

Now I see clearly
What You did for me
Worth more than a thank you
I praise and worship You

Mold me, use me
All in Your name
You deserve the fame

Jesus, more need You
I work to let people know
You died for us
Upon that cross

We spread Your reputation
In hopes others understand
To let Your love guide

Your light slice through the tide

Saturday, September 12, 2015


You catch a glimpse.
Then your eyes get caught
She becomes the only thought
You just want to be her prince

How do you make it happen?
No knight on a horse
Those times are long gone
Yes a night at the mini golf course

The nerves that haunt your stomach
And the words that twist your tongue
Every man knows the struggle
But what’s to lose

Finally the thoughts and mouth come together
There’s short sense of relief
Tension builds as you need a response
Seconds feel like hours
A new kind of nerves set in
Yes, now I must impress
No, the embarrassment will show.

Rejection is not fun
Makes you want to run
Too bad you’ll see them again
How embarrassing
You hope she says YES

You hear the response
Just play it off smoothly
You get out of sight
Can’t help but smile
And explode into happiness

She said YES

Sunday, September 6, 2015


What is boredom?
The lack of activity?
There is a silence
Brain wants to function
Body lays stationary
Stare into nothingness
Not sure how to be busy
Technology most turn to
Phones distract the mind
Brain turns to mush
This is the turning point
Where you get away
My escape is faith
Trust he will guide
Open the door
Take a step outside
Lay on the floor

And let the book be the guide.