Sunday, November 22, 2015

Guiding Light

Headlights show us the way
When it’s too dark to see
You are the bright light
Guides me through sin’s fog

Mold me, use me
All in Your name
You deserve the fame

Now I see clearly
What You did for me
Worth more than a thank you
I praise and worship You

Mold me, use me
All in Your name
You deserve the fame

Jesus, more need You
I work to let people know
You died for us
Upon that cross

We spread Your reputation
In hopes others understand
To let Your love guide

Your light slice through the tide

Monday, November 16, 2015

Divine Intervention

Why do our paths keep crossing?
Could this be a sign,
Or is the devil playing with my mind?

I see you everywhere
At practice, you’re there
At the library, you’re there
On my way to class, you’re there
At the coffee shop, you’re there
At meal time, you’re there
At work, you’re there

This can’t just be a coincidence
There must be divine assistance

I know of you
Just not you
Even though I’d like too
I’ve tried before
Just have gotten a smile.

That same smile gave me a crush
All in need is one chance to make you blush

I know you see me too
So I’ll keep trying to talk to you
Only time will tell
Until then I’ll try not to dwell
On these thoughts in my head

I’ll pray instead.  

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Dang I was a douche bag in high school
I guess I just wanted to be cool
I used it to hide the pain
But I lost my soul.

I played girls
Used others
Hurt too much
Where was my mother

My wounds ran deep
I couldn’t sleep
Unless there was a woman in bed
Only way to block the noise in my head

There was something missing
A big hole in my soul
All the promiscuity was just denial
Because one day I would be on trial

Finally I came to
I realized out of utter disgust
I am trapped in a vortex of sin
Sex had been my crutch

The only thing that could truly fulfill
Master and absolute ruler, Yahweh
The Holy Spirit was my pill
It put my temptations at bay

Now that hole is filled
Jesus Messiah is inside me
I have been purified

Satan no longer has a grip on me.