Sunday, December 6, 2015

Love in Action

People abuse it
Just openly use it
It is more than a word
Though it can be heard

Described as a feeling
Words don’t do it justice
Deeper than a feeling
Words mean nothing

Love is something special
In all ways intense
Its power is immense

It is the ultimate sacrifice
To give your life
No greater gift has man
To lay down his life for love

See our actions speak
When our words fail
Don’t turn your cheek
Be the strong gale.

Let it empower
Reason to do good
To become better

Give everything to those in need
Be the one to take the lead
Make a difference in the world
Love all with no remorse

Can you give it all?

To follow the call

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Before you go judge
Realize it only comes from above

You can’t see what they have seen
The eyes are the observers,
But observation can lead to judgment
You can’t envision what others have been through
And they can’t view yours

You don’t hear what they’ve heard
Words can echo to thoughts
But those thoughts are only for them
You can’t think, what they think
The imagination runs wild

Before you judge, realize
You can’t see what they see
Hear what they hear
Think what they think
So how can you feel what they feel?

All come up differently
Have different pain
But, the same Savior
The only One who can judge

Christ is The Judger
Because He is the One
Who can see what we see,
Hear what we hear,
Think what we think,
And feel what we feel.

He’s the comforter
The One that heals the hurt
Have faith in Him

Act humbly towards others.