Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trust Shattered

You once had my heart
But even more my trust
We gave in that night
Lustfully until morning light

I would’ve given anything
Just to be her everything
I saw you as my future wife
Wanted to be with you my whole life

You started to ignore me
You made me feel lonely
Then I found out the truth
You were with some other dude.

It wasn’t anger that took control
Brutal sadness filled my soul
I blamed myself for trusting
I said never again will it happen

I guess the pain wasn’t enough
I was made out to be a deceiver
Whispers echoed the halls
Dirty looks taunted my integrity

Depression overwhelmed for months
Visible through my decisions
I stopped caring how I treated them
My trust was shattered for women

Revenge seemed to be the solution
A dish that showed my sin
For I had discovered something
Back from my first relationship

See for I had a gift
My tongue of silver
Spat words of persuasion
Women fell left and right

Love for me they gave
I never returned the favor
But used them as I wanted
My way of revenge

Still to this day
My thoughts drift back
They trip me up
Back into the sadness

Except now I turn to the Savior
Jesus pulls me out
From the dark lake of my mind
No longer does my past rule me.

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