Friday, January 22, 2016


Realization just hit me
How thankful I should be

Back in the day were rough times
Couch as a bed in a studio apartment
Without as much as a dime
No God in my heart
No sleep was to be had
Shots and sirens left me scared
My father and brother snoring in the bed
But the fear would not leave my head.

Just reflecting now
I remember my dad’s worrying
Not knowing if he can pay the bills
Not even knowing about affording food
All there was to drink
Was tap from the sink

Evil flooded my world
Too young
But not too dumb
The bunny ears brought the news
Only bad came through that cube
All the crime and corruption
I got an adult introduction

My brother and I escaped through sports
It was free of worry
Hours away from reality
Came to love sports
they made us happy

I now realized how far we’ve come
How much God has blessed us
We now have a roof overhead
Food on the table
Even my own bed
God has gifted me with athletics
College baseball which he made me able

I’m beyond grateful
For I’m saved by God’s grace
Where I cast my love and worries
Jesus died for us to be free
The true escape
I realized the good news

Now it’s your turn.