Monday, March 28, 2016

Not My Way

I never intended to be where I am today
I never thought I’d be at a Christian school
I said, “I will never go”
I always had division one dreams
I never wanted to be in Ohio
I wanted to stay in the south
Comfort in lukewarm water
Fan of the faith
Saying I was Christian was enough
Made my own rules
Followed my own plan

Did you notice “me”
“I” was the distraction

Then, it happened
It was opposite day
Except it was everyday
Jesus brought me here
I have a new dream
I play for his team
Jesus shows me the beautiful
Ohio nature is so peaceful

It’s true what they say
Love changes you
People do crazy things for love
I became radical for love
You can’t call me a fan
Unless it’s the gospel blowing kind
Those are called followers
Faith makes us warriors
Our father seed made us flowers

God gets the glory
He’s the lantern in the forest
Riches to the poorest

Treats us like the florist.

Monday, March 14, 2016


Sitting here alone
Smells of coffee fill my nose
Press the caramel macchiato to my lips
I’m just minding my own.

Outside is a typical Ohio night
Rainy and wet
There’s a cold breeze
Stony Creek is buzzing

My head is in the word
I’m in the zone
I read so easily
As if God’s telling me a bedtime story

Slowly I hear others
Voices slice through my concentration like a knife
I’m not eavesdropping
At least not trying too

I attempt to block it out
No success
I clasp my hand over my ears
That just makes it noisier
I also can hear my own thoughts

I stop fighting it
Words flow into my ears
As water flows into a drain

I tune into the conversations
The disappointment breaks my heart
Complaining is most of the sound
The rest is worse
Negativity can be a curse

My stomach churns
The sin burns

These are my brothers and sisters
My fellow Christians
Fellow Cedarville people

I want to yell
Reach out to them
Is it not written?
“Do all things without arguing or complaining”

But I don’t
I don’t know these people
Who am I to interrupt them?
It’s not their fault they interrupted me

All I can do is pray

Lord take their sins away