Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Legal Killing

Back in my darker days
It started with the flirt game
Put R. Kelly to shame
Blessed with a gift
But used as a curse

I drew them in
Told them what they wanted to hear
Love is a game
I was the MVP
That swept them off their feet
Always made them blush
The biggest smiles when they see me
Silver tongue made them fall in love
Love is blinding though
So they never see it coming
I’d do it when infatuation was maxed
When they can’t picture life without you

This killing was legal
Can’t arrest for this ordeal
I didn’t physically murder
But their soul’s died
Hearts shattered

In a sick and twisted way
I really enjoyed the play
It was fun
The psychological game
Make her trust
Make her feel
Just to get close enough
For the kill
Words are all the bait I needed

Those four words
“I don’t love you”
Shatter her dreams
She can’t speak
She forgot how to breathe
Trying to hold in the pain
Not to show her hurt
But the puppy dog eyes showed rain

She feels blind sighted
 Like being T-boned at a green light
It brought me such pleasure

Haha, and they thought they were the treasure.