Sunday, September 18, 2016

Words to the Heart

I’ve always struggled with emotions
There are just too many
It can feel like drowning in an ocean

Why hide mine
I put it in the strongest safe
My Mind

Sometimes I think it is dead
Neurons snipped
Blood doesn’t flow
Could it just be in my head?

That is why I write
Hoping my heart will show
Since it is trapped in my mind
I just want to raise the blinds

My poems get straight to the source
Words cut straight through flesh and bone
My heart is served up like the main course

Now do you dissect or devour?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I know I’m saved by grace
Don’t let this smile on my face
Fool you from the truth

Behind my trusting emerald eyes
It is a different vision
The eyes just help disguise
The pain that causes tension
Only if you look hard and deep
You will see why I can’t sleep

Don’t let my fake smile fool
I was once a tool

I know that Jesus’ death
Paid for my sin with one final breath

But if you knew what I did
You would have hid

Life keeps taking shots
Payment for my thoughts
I acted on
Once upon

I know my debt is paid
Sometimes I feel as if it wasn’t enough
Since the devil leads a raid

To try to call my bluff

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Maybe I’ll do this one in reverse
Bringing the punchline first
Think about our curse
Now look at this verse

Is peace and happiness so abnormal
That we create chaos to feel normal

All could be going well
A dream come true
Then like an alarm
The devil whispers persuade evil
Brings you out of dream state
And you fall into sin

Is this our curse
Our fleshing causing sin
Since the days of Adam and Eve
We haven’t had relief

One way to have it perfect
Because of One perfect man
Through grace, love, and faith
He will take us one day

To spend eternity in a perfect place

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trust Shattered

You once had my heart
But even more my trust
We gave in that night
Lustfully until morning light

I would’ve given anything
Just to be her everything
I saw you as my future wife
Wanted to be with you my whole life

You started to ignore me
You made me feel lonely
Then I found out the truth
You were with some other dude.

It wasn’t anger that took control
Brutal sadness filled my soul
I blamed myself for trusting
I said never again will it happen

I guess the pain wasn’t enough
I was made out to be a deceiver
Whispers echoed the halls
Dirty looks taunted my integrity

Depression overwhelmed for months
Visible through my decisions
I stopped caring how I treated them
My trust was shattered for women

Revenge seemed to be the solution
A dish that showed my sin
For I had discovered something
Back from my first relationship

See for I had a gift
My tongue of silver
Spat words of persuasion
Women fell left and right

Love for me they gave
I never returned the favor
But used them as I wanted
My way of revenge

Still to this day
My thoughts drift back
They trip me up
Back into the sadness

Except now I turn to the Savior
Jesus pulls me out
From the dark lake of my mind
No longer does my past rule me.