Friday, October 7, 2016

Fight the Gap

You’ve tasted Christ
You also know the price
You need to give your life

It is a difficult decision
The Truth will clear your vision

Right now you are in the fog
The fog makes you feel raw
You know you believe in Jesus
But are you in Him?

There is a gap you feel
A distance to real
Between you and the Lord

You know this is true
You should feel Him in you
But you don’t

There is a thirst for love
That can only be from above
Sick and tired of feeling like crud

Some call it purgatory
Where we’ve heard the story
But haven’t seen the glory

Others call this lukewarm
Where one foot is in the norm
And the other is in the storm

Who calmed the storm?
This is why they call us reborn
In Him, we are made new
As fresh as the morning dew

How do we cross that river?
Even if it grows bigger
It’s our union with Christ
The Father’s bridging device

Jesus lays down in humility
He is our bridge from humanity
Into the Father’s open arms
Because Christ took all the harm

So if you are feeling empty
Like the Spirit has left
Then run to God steadfastly
Because He loves you relentlessly

Always remember this Truth
Christ is in you
You are in Christ

Cherish this relationship.